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I would like to recommend Steve Moore of ButterMilk Media to anyone considering website and social media consulting for their business or organization. Steve has proven to be diligent in his area of expertise and delivers with excellence and unsurpassed promptness. In my experience in doing business with many web developers and designers in the past, Steve by far exceeds at his profession. Not only does Steve carry out the aforementioned, but he always makes himself available for questions.

I can only highly recommend Steve Moore to your organization if you would like to be taken to the next level with your business.

Valarie Hurst

Ron Whittaker – New Brunswick Canada


Owner at The Parlour Pawn Shop

New Brunswick, Canada
Steve Moore of Buttermilk Media has been assisting in lifting my company into the age of Social media. His knowledge and energy seems limitless. With his help I expect not only to increase my loan yield and sales but also reduce my conventional advertising budget by thousands of dollars per month. Steve is easy to work with and an excellent teacher. I recommend him and Buttermilk Media without reservation.

Ron Whittaker

Chris Cartwright - Abilene, TX


Here is a combination of a couple e-mails that have come in about ButterMilk Media and our Joint Venture Partner, PCG, INC.

Jerry – First of all did I tell you that you have a “genius web designer”?!!! I’m blown away at what all Steve knows and has been able to accomplish. He’s always there for us when we need him and he’s always offering new suggestions and is seemingly there for us almost any time day or night and even on weekends! All we need to do is ask and whatever we need gets done and if he doesn’t have the answer – it won’t be long at all before he DOES have the answer(s)! Further, Steve’s breadth of knowledge is just incredible – as we have asked him about things that fall way outside of what any other website company may ask – and he KNOWS the answers – usually right of the top of his head! And he is extremely thorough so that whatever information you’ve requested, you get full reports as to why something is as it is, whether or not we should add a site or 3rd party apps for other products or services or whether or not some of the e-mails we get are for us – or if they are a scam or just not worth us pursuing!

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Lowell Jewelry & Loan

I met Steve Moore three years ago at an International Pawn Symposium. I was impressed by his knowledge of Web Page Design and Creation, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization as well as many other facets of computers, the World Wide Web, New Media and other businesses!

I hired him shortly after the first International Symposium and have attended several conferences where he was a presenter. I own my business which has an intensity that continues to keep me constantly busy working and growing it. Part of that growth is my Total Online Presence ™ (Which is a Trade Secret of ButterMilk Media, the name of just ONE of of Steve’s company) and Steve has trained me on how to do a vast number of activities. I am aware that he provides support for several clients as many attend the same conferences.

Of course, owning a business can easily lead to many sleepless nights. Unlike a regular job – you can’t just leave it behind at the end of the day. Steve and I would talk about having this same affliction, especially in light of the fact that you can easily end up worrying about what needs to be done or come up with ideas for your Website, Social Media and New Media that can better serve your business at any time of the day or night.

Steve provides a comprehensive consulting service that addresses a constantly changing industry that is expanding exponentially. In short it’s amazing how much Steve has to keep up with in order to manage and maintain the latest trends and technology. Steve is always accommodating and always works around my schedule even after my store is closed, on weekends, and almost any time of the day or night. In fact, I can’t even count the number of times that I have e-mailed, texted or called him (AND was able to connect with him) and most of those times were on weekends, early mornings or nights and he was either already up early working or still working late into the night and would help me with any issue, question, support or training that I needed. He is a consummate businessman and I’m glad to have him on my team.

And it’s hard to not like hearing From Chris that:
“Steve Moore has a TON OF INTEGRITY!”

Chris McCarthy


Uncle Dan’s Pawn


If you are a business owner trying to juggle the daily demands of your business operations as well as your website marketing platform, I would highly recommend Steve Moore of ButterMilk Media as your solution!

A few years ago, Uncle Dan’s made the decision to migrate out of our static HTML based web site in favor of a platform that allows real time posting and information sharing with our customer base through our web site that links to our social media channels. After speaking with several companies, we chose Steve Moore with ButterMilk Media for a variety of reasons!

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Valkyrie Morgan

I have recently started to work with ButterMilk Media as my Agent and Manager to build a media connected website for my writings, book(s) and my new business.

They have been a blessing and a great guidance. I went in with an small idea and they grew it into an huge idea quickly with a total vision for a long term plan.  They were very professional, responsive and helped me reach my new audience.  Being a "new" author was hard enough, but they made it simple for me to make and meet more and more connections to grow my online presence and my fan base.  They new so much about TV, Film and Radio or "Traditional Media" and why that was just not for me as it would have wasted so much money when I could be online all the time 24/7/365 and selling books! 

Within less than a week, my website was up and running with connections to a host of social networks via links on my site.
I even had my own DAILY NEWSLETTER!

Valkyrie Morgan


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